Leadgid Interview: Specifics of SEO


Leadgid Interview Specifics of SEO

9 July 2021

12:00 CET

About webinar

Today we’re having a special guest: the founder of a famous project financer.com Johannes Larsson. Johannes Larsson is a successful entrepreneur that’s long been working in financial affiliate niche. Since then, he has gained experience in founding and leading a large fin-tech project, and he for sure has something to share with you during our intriguing conversation.

We’re going live to talk about: - the specific nature of starting a financial career path, based on the example of financer.com; - today’s atmosphere on the market and professional perspectives when working with SEO traffic; - working with different regions and simultaneously developing in several branches; - making a website rank first in different search engines; - SEO traffic perspectives for different regions; - information sources, major news in the niche, and much more.



Johannes Larsson

Johannes Larsson

Founder, Financer

Tatiana Sazanova

Tatiana Sazanova

Head of LeadGid International, Leadgid