Leadgid Interview: Lead Generation in Spain


Leadgid Interview Lead Generation in Spain

13 May 2022

12:00 CET

About webinar


Today we’re going to host another useful webinar dedicated to the specifics of generating leads in Spain. Kylie Filatova, head of BanKos Technology will be the guest of the webinar. During the discussion, she and the host Tatyana Sazanova (head of Leadgid International), will discuss different topics relevant to the Spanish market.

We’ll talk about the open BanKos offers, the difference between various types of traffic, as well as the current situation in the Spanish financial market. The webinar will be especially useful for those who work for Mexico, as we will definitely discuss the difference between these GEOs.



Kylie Filatova

Kylie Filatova

Head, BanKos Technology

Tatiana Sazanova

Tatiana Sazanova

Head of LeadGid International, Leadgid