Leadgid Interview: Global Traffic Conquerors


Leadgid Interview Global Traffic Conquerors

15 December 2021

12:00 CET

About webinar

Leadgid presents a live session with affiliate network and publisher relations manager Viljami Tiainen, Global Partnership Manager of IPF Digital (Credit24, Creditea, Hapiloans, Sving, Provident offers’ provider).

The topic of the session: the insights into relations between the affiliate network and the advertiser.

Conference moderator: Tatiana Sazanova, Head of LeadGid International.

Issues to be discussed:

— Differences in approaches to microfinance offer between CIS and non-CIS publishers.
— The clue to securing a high approval rate of a financial offer.
— How advertisers can help publishers boost conversion rates.
— How to upscale ROI of a microfinance offer in 2021.

We’ll also share some practical tips on entering and exploring a region and other related issues.



Viljami Tiainen

Viljami Tiainen

Global Partnership Manager, IPF Digital

Tatiana Sazanova

Tatiana Sazanova

Head of LeadGid International, Leadgid