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Treasure Island

Contest Treasure Island

1 july 2021 - 28 february 2022
Party Tasteful networking

Dear publishers! 

Blue waves and golden beaches are tired of waiting for you which means that it’s time to take off to the «Treasure Island Leadgid»!

The contest will last from July 1, 2021 till February 28, 2022. The rules are simple: drive traffic to offers of the contest sponsors and get those precious bonus points. 

Trade your earned points for gifts at our Leadstore — it opens very soon on August 1st! And the wittiest and the most stubborn of you that will get all six pieces of the mysterious map, will get access to the Leadstore Golden Room. 

At the end of the contest, publishers from the top 30 will receive guaranteed money rewards and will attend to the final giveaway with us in the sunny Maldives, while the luckies from the top 120 will get a chance to compete for extra prizes! 

Read more information about contest rules and rewards on the website.