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Magic Lamp
Party Billion Leads

Contest Magic Lamp

1 april 2020 - 31 october 2020
Conference Finadtech Kiev 2020

We run a new contest “Leadgid's Magic Lamp. Arabian night and 1001 prizes"
If nothing hampers, the contest will end in the capital of wealth and luxury - Qatar!
Three BMW 5 cars for different categories of affiliates  will be drawn at the final party! One among the affiliates from the Top 10. The second - among affiliates who will take from 11th to 30th place, the third - among affiliates who will take from 31th to 150th place. We will make also 5 monthly giveaways with such cool prizes as trips to Qatar: everyone has equal chances to join!
Now affiliates have the opportunity to buy even more prizes for points in the LeadStore: the assortment of the store has become more interesting and wider. Among the prizes - thousands of devices and gadgets, tickets for conferences, money for advertising accounts and much more. Welcome to the Near East!