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Finadtech Barcelona 2019
Conference Finadtech Kiev 2020

Conference Finadtech Barcelona 2019

11 november 2019 - 12 november 2019
Conference Finadtech Warsaw 2019

The main event of this fall in the field of international financial lead generation took place on November 11-12. We made FinAdTech Barcelona a global event which brings together advertisers and affiliates from over 30 countries. Fintech, marketing and financial lead generation specialists from Russia, China, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland and others gathered together under the roof of the 5-star Hotel Hesperia Barcelona Tower. The first day ended with the traditional afterparty in the Marmalade club. The second day was remembered by a hot panel discussion on the topic: Fintech or / against Techfin.